Windows7 New Screenshots look more like Vista


Windows7 will succeed Windows Vista and everyone is curious about it.

We have already seen loads of Windows Seven Screenshots and here are few more – the latest ones.

Latest Windows 7 screenshot that looks more like Windows Vista than Mac (like previously seen).

Checkout screenshots of Windows 7 M3 Build 6780 – are those real?

Besides above, there are number of other screenshots at thinknext website with running commentary for each picture. While real Windows7 is still in making you can jazz up desktop with Cool Windows 7 Wallpapers.



  1. So far as I have seen from screenshots of Windows 7, it didn’t seem to have differed from Vista…and personally I just don’t like Vista. You can “jazz” up your RAM as much as you like Vista still remains slower than XP!I can only hope this upcoming new OS would solve that doesn’t have to learn a new OS each time Microsoft releases a product, to me that is just straight unfair. Whatever Windows 7 “wanna” look like, let it be less “buggy” than Vista…I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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