Fix File association on Windows 7 & Vista PC


Correct file association setup on Windows PC is very important for hassle free opening of files. File association govern which program application should be used by default to open specific type of file. For example, double clicking an MP3 file by default may load it in Windows Media Player. These settings can mess up while installing new software that change file association or as a result of a virus attack.

File Association Fixer is a handy utility to fix File association settings quickly on Windows 7 and Vista computer. Utility window list majority of popular file formats like JPEG, TXT, TIFF, REG, ZIP and more. You can click either of file type format to fix its association with specific program on the computer. As of now, this utility offers 18 fixes for Windows 7 and 26 fixes for Windows Vista. Download File Association Fixer [link]



  1. @les

    use download and use winrar

  2. my windows 7 won’t let me play mp3 files with aimp2 but only with wmp. this software doesn’t fix mp3 association… any suggestion?

    • I have the same problem. I like AIMP2 and its possibilities, but this file association bug is realy killed my nerves!
      I hope next edition won’t do that…

  3. my Windows 7 file association for zip files has changed to Firefox and I can’t process zip files. The File Association Fixer download is a zip file. Any suggestions?

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