How to open .FB2 files on Windows

FB2 stands for FictionBook 2.0 File. It is an eBook format developed in Russia that uses XML to describe each element of the book. This format is specially designed for fictional literature. You can easily open and view .FB2 files using different ebook and file viewer software tools. FB2

Group files by size in folder on Windows 7

There are number of ways one can organize and sort files on Windows 7 computer. Sorting files by increasing or decreasing size is most common way to organize files in a folder. You can refine this further by grouping files as: large, medium and small. This provide quick view of number of

View full File & Folder address path on Windows 7

By default, address bar on Windows 7 operating system does not show complete address path URL of files and folders. However, at times we need to know full address path URL of specific file or folder. You can easily view, copy and save complete file or folder address path URL using quick

Batch edit date & time attributes of multiple files

By default, each file on computer hold information of date and time it was created, accessed and edited. You may want to change date and time information associated with specific file and this can be easily done using 3rd party utility. We have already seen, File Touch utility and

Fix File association on Windows 7 & Vista PC

Correct file association setup on Windows PC is very important for hassle free opening of files. File association govern which program application should be used by default to open specific type of file. For example, double clicking an MP3 file by default may load it in Windows Media

What is Prefetch files Folder in Windows

Windows operating system create lot of temporary files while usage. Prefetch files are one set of temporary files that help in better and faster loading of Windows and other program installed on it. Every time you open a program, the loading information is stored in set of prefetch files.

Change ‘Created & Modified’ date & time of any file

Right click on any file (say image file) and then click on properties option. File properties dialog box will show "create and modified" date and time of that specific file. You can easily change this information for any file on your computer. We have already seen NewFile Time utility for

What is DjVu file format

DjVu is a file format for very high resolution images of scanned documents, digital documents and photographs. It is a new image compression technology developed since 1996 at AT&T Labs to allow saving of high resolution documents containing text, images in least amount of size.

Change file & folder ownership information in Windows

Do you want to quickly change ownership information of a specific file or a folder containing multiple files? File Owner Changer 'chown' is a free portable utility that makes this all easy and quick. It has simple interface allowing you to select any file / folder and then assign specific

How to open ISO file on Windows

ISO image files are supposed to be burnt on CD, DVD media discs. After the burn, you can access content held in specific ISO file by playing CD, DVD dics on the computer. Do you want to open and see contents of ISO file without having to burn it on media disc? WinRAR program can easily

Rename multiple Files in Windows

Managing files on computer is very basic and important routine. We tend to deal with different type of files like images, videos, programs etc. Renaming multiple files at once saves lot of time and effort while managing files on the computer. You can either use Windows trick or free

Upload files, photos, videos from desktop to Twitter: TwitDoc

Twitter is more than few characters of text. You can also share your favorite photos, videos withTwitter friends. TwitDoc desktop client makes document and file sharing very easy. Using this program you can upload and share documents, files, photos and videos from desktop with your Twitter