How to change Relationship Status on Facebook timeline

We tend to share lot of personal information on Facebook like: listing of family members, cousins, displaying current relationship status. In the timeline profile format of Facebook: you can easily add, change or update relationship status displayed on your profile page. It should be noted

How to see Friendship pages of Facebook friends

We may have lot of friends on Facebook but we tend to interact more with few specific friends. One can easily view full set of interaction and things shared with specific friend using "Friendship pages" feature on Facebook. Friendship page between you and your specific friend will show

How to disable smileys in Facebook chat & comments

Simley emoticons have existed on Facebook chat for a long time. Now smileys are also support in Facebook comments (and messages). As a result, expect to see lot more smileys splashed on your screen while you browse Facebook website. While few users love Facebook emoticons and smileys,

Official list of Facebook Chat smiley Emoticons

Facebook itself is fun with users engaging in by sending messages, sharing photos, videos, commenting, forming groups of interest. Emoticons (or smileys) is another aspect of Facebook that provide visual fun. Officially, Facebook support lot of smiley emoticons in comments and chat

How to delete Facebook search history activity logs

Facebook is now giving more options to users for controlling activity data generated while using Facebook. Lot of users search for specific things using search box at the top of the Facebook website. Ideally, Facebook records history of every search activity in your account, just like

Stop public from commenting on Facebook Cover photos

With introduction of timeline layout for Facebook profiles, cover photos have become essential part of the overall profile (and of course ideal way to show off creativity). One major limitation of cover photos uploaded on Facebook is their "Public" visibility. Any Facebook user can view

Why I cannot see pictures on Facebook

Besides updating status on Facebook: uploading, sharing, viewing and commenting on photos is favorite activity among Facebook users. Any Facebook user can upload unlimited number of photos on their account. You can view own uploaded photos and images uploaded by your friends on Facebook.

How to stop specific Notification alerts on Facebook

Facebook notification system will display alert to almost every activity related to your account, friends, groups you have joined, photos uploaded, comments and much more. You can view new notifications at Globe icon next to Search box at the top. These notification can overwhelm and

Will you search & view Facebook photos on Bing

Photo uploading, viewing and sharing is an important activity among Facebook users. For some reason, if you do not like viewing Facebook photos on Facebook website, then here now alternative in the form of Bing website. Now you can view, browse and comment on Facebook photos of your

Make specific photos private in public album on Facebook

Feature that allows specific photos to be private within a public album has existed for some time on Facebook. However, majority of Facebook users are unaware of this feature that allows changing privacy settings of individual photos within selected photo albums. This means, whole album

Email ID to report Phishing of Facebook account

Facebook has so many users worldwide making it a paradise for bad guys wanting to steal personal and financial information. Phishing is an attempt to steal personal information like account username and password or financial information through impersonation or spoofing. For example: a bad