Seesmic desktop client for Facebook updates

Facebook is going Twitter way and here is another plug to prove the same in the form of first ever desktop client for Facebook. From the makers of very popular Twitter client 'Twhirl- here comes Seesmic for Facebook. It is a downloadable Adobe Air application that allows you to update

Yahoo Messenger Pingbox on Facebook profile

Yahoo Messenger Pingbox is cool widget box that you can embed on your blog or website. It allows you to chat with website visitors without having to install or download anything. Now you can put this cool IM box on your Facebook profile. It allows Facebook users to send IM messages

How to download Facebook photo albums?

Facebook is very popular networking website and it hosts more photos than even photo sharing websites like Flicke, Photobucket. So, there ought to be an easy way to download loads of photos from Facebook. FacePAD Facebook Photo Album Downloader is a Firefox extension that makes this

Update Facebook & Twitter accounts together

Twitter and Facebook are 2 very cool and popular web service to socialize and stay connected. If you are using both services, you must be familiar with pain to constantly update your status on both web services manually. Well, not any more by using Twitter Facebook Application. Just

Listen Indian music on Orkut & Facebook via Guruji

Guruji is a popular India specific search engine which has launched music apps for Orkut and Facebook users. Using these, one can access Indian music of their interest - not limited to Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. Users can also search old and new music using any keywod from song

Print & share Facebook Photos as album, HotPrints

Facebook is one cool place to hang out and interact with friends. We tend to upload and share loads of photos using Facebook account. How about surprising your friends with actual photo prints delievered in their mail boxes (not email)? HotPrints Facebook Apps promises to do same at a

Facebook, Orkut, MySpace updates on desktop

There are many web users who are hooked to multiple social networking websites. We have different friends using different website for social networking and hence end up making account on most of them. Facebook, Orkut and MySpace are leading websites to network with friend with ease.

MySpace IM & Facebook Chat hops on Meebo

Meebo is arguable the best web based service for acessing different IM and chat services. If your Yahoo messenger or Gtalk software is bugging you, just head over to and connect to Gtalk or Yahoo IM. MySpace IM and Facebook Chat are latest addition to Meebo. Now you can

LIVE upload photos to Facebook from Live PhotoGallery

'LiveUpload' plugin makes process of uploading photos to Facebook from Windows Live Photo Gallery easy and simple. The plug-in takes advantage of the new people tagging feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta to persist your people tags onto Facebook.

Give New Look to Facebook page with Facebook Layouts

With so much time spend on social networking websites, looking at default layout can be very boring. Orkut has official and unofficial themes, even Twitter can be skinned with layouts and here is alternative for Facebook. PageRage allows you to change Facebook page

Update Twitter, FaceBook & FriendFeed via FireStatus

If love sending constant updates to your Twitter, FaceBook and FriendFeed accounts - then you will for sure love FireStatus. It is a Firefox 3 extension that allows you to send status updates, notes and URL links simultaneously to multiple social networks and services. It also