Facebook, Orkut, MySpace updates on desktop


There are many web users who are hooked to multiple social networking websites. We have different friends using different website for social networking and hence end up making account on most of them. Facebook, Orkut and MySpace are leading websites to network with friend with ease. Ideally we will open each website, login into account and check for updates.

How about checking updates on all 3 websites without even opening web browser window? Scrapboy is a desktop based application that delivers latest updates and scraps from your accounts at Facebook, Orkut and Myspace. It pops a small window everytime a new update is detected.

Besides message updates, you can customize and subscribe to different type of other updates like for photos, comments, wall posts etc. Interface is simple and resembles to that of a messenger. Scrapboy is ideal for users active on all 3 social networking websites and want to save some time.


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