10 reasons why people don’t use Real photos on Facebook


Just got a friend request from Facebook user with fake profile photo – isn’t this too common these days? There are lot of Facebook profiles not using real pictures but using other photos of: celebrities, animals, cartoons, stock photos and more. Is that person shy or plans to do something illegal? There could be number of reasons for using fake (not real) photo on Facebook profile.

Using Fake not real profile pictures on Facebook

1. Identity Issues – People don’t want to be identified and consequently tracked by people close by like: boss, girl friend, wives, parents – lists goes on.

Real or Fake Facebook Profile photos

2. Problem with looks – Few people don’t consider them smart and beautiful looking. Hence prefer to use photos of other people including celebrities and famous personalities.

3. Malicious Intentions – A person with malicious and bad intentions will never use real photo. Fake photo always help in getting illegal activity done without being identified – which for sure is bad.

4. Privacy Problem – Fear of real photo being used for an unsuitable purpose also holds back few users from uploading real pictures on Facebook profile.

6. Parent’s Eye – To stay away from parent’s online watch, few young users setup additional Facebook account with fake profile photos. Real Facebook account may get accessed by parents but other account with different profile photo – no way!

6. Online Freedom – With no way to identify the actual person, few users relish the full freedom aspect and hence do not use real picture on Facebook profile.

7. Project differently – Few users want to escape from the what they are in real life. As a result use a different photos of person they want to be and build community with people who like that person in the photo (and not the actually person).

8. Spam Spread – Lot of users create multiple Facebook accounts for purpose of spreading spams. Often they use common pictures found on internet as their Facebook profile photo.

9. Age Problem – Facebook does not allow users below 13 years. Few very young users upload different profile photo to prevent being identified as young and eventually getting banned from Facebook.

10. Personal Choice – Sometimes none of above apply and some users just do not want to use real picture as Facebook profile photo. So, over to you – what could be more reasons for using fake Facebook profile photos? Share your reasoning gems below in comments and we shall update the above list.


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