Save & edit Office 2010 files as PDF or XPS

Microsoft Office 2010 has default support for saving files in PDF or XPS format. Previously, we had to install save as XPS addon for option to save files in XPS format in Office 2007 or use free Microsoft XPS viewer software. However, in MS Office 2010 you can save file as XPS or PDF

Merge word, excel Office files into PDF online

There are number of ways to convert and save MS Office Word files as PDF document. However, majority of such conversion routines require additional software or plugin for actual conversion. Loop Apps online converter eliminates such restriction. It allows you to join multiple Office files

Tools to create epub ebook files from PDF, HTML

epub is an open standard for ebook files for access on ipad, ipod, ipod touch, mobile, android and many more devices. It has been documented by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) containing packaged set of XML documents, metadata and other media that form an ebook file.

Capture images from video online & make PDF file

Do you want to take screenshot from a video? And then customize images extracted from the video with custom title and description. Also, make a printable file or generate PDF file containing those customized screenshots. Ideally, you will need heavy loaded software for such image capture

Make PDF file from RSS feed or website content

RSS feed concept is an easy way to share information. Majority of blogs and websites have dedicated RSS feed for users to able to track and view latest updates. Ever wanted to generate and save RSS feed content in PDF file format? You can easily extract contents from RSS feed or webpage

Convert large PDF document into plain text file

Are you looking for simple, free and effective tool for quick PDF to text conversion? PDF technologies 'PDF to Text' conversion tool is handy way to convert PDF document into plain text file. It provides lot of options to configure for PDF to text conversion like selecting layout, encoding

Validate & convert PDF file to PDF/A-1b standard

PDF/A-1b standard for PDF file ensure its content look same when accessed anytime in future. You can validate and check any PDF document file for compliance with the PDF/A standard. PDF/A converter is a free tool for such validation and conversion of PDF file to PDF/A standard. It checks

Save Apple Pages file as MS Word doc, PDF, plain text

Majority of Windows users perform word processing tasks in Microsoft Office application software. While MAC users have iWorks application for similar functionality. If you are using iWorks on MAC and want to share documents with Windows users with MS Office, you can easily export and save

Listen to PDF file text with Adobe Reader

Are you tired of continuous reading an e-book or a document file? Why not sit back, relax and hear to the pdf file text instead of reading! You can easily do this within Adobe Reader program. It has integrated text to speech conversion feature that makes text audible without any ned to

Save HTML page URL as PDF [3 online tools]

Do you want to save a website HTML page as PDF file? You can do this quickly online while surfing the internet without having to install any software on the computer. There are number of online tools that allow one click conversion of HTML page into PDF document file in the original format

Save image as PDF in Photoshop

Are you looking for dead simple way to save an image file in PDF file format? If you have Adobe Photoshop installed on the computer, then you can perform this conversion in few simple clicks on the fly. Photoshop has default option to save any design or image as PDF file. Open & Save

PDF file attributes / properties viewer

PDF is a popular document format for sharing information on the internet. You need a special software to open and view PDF files. A PDF file can contain many pages with text, weblinks and images. You can easily see such basic attributes or properties of a PDF file using free utility "PDF