20 Windows Guides for Quick Step by Step Learning

"Simple, straightforward instructions - ready to share", this is how Microsoft describe interesting collection of Windows Guides to learn essential Windows tasks. There are over 20 guides (19+ one sample guide) available in PDF format for free download and sharing. Click here to see

Create PDF Files containing multiple Images Quickly

Want to create a PDF File containing your favorite images? Well, Graphics2PDF free application make this process real easy and quick. Using this application you add multiple images and create a PDF file on the fly. It supports drag and drop interface for quick arrangement of image

Create PDF from MS Word or any Windows Application

We have already seen online alternatives like PdfonFly to convert any text or URL content into PDF format on the fly for free. In case you are looking for an offline alternative, then checkout doPDF. It is a free application that allows you to save any document into PDF format. Besides

How to Copy or Extract Images from a PDF File ?

Just received a PDF file loaded with images that you need to copy and save separately? Trying the usual copy paste routine? But it does not seem to work with a PDF File! No worries, you can easily copy or extract images from any PDF File without much fuss. Here is the simple

Convert PDF Files into HTML Format on the Fly

PDF Files can bug those who are not use to handling and dealing with PDF Format. We have already seen online converters like PDFonFly and HTML2PDF to convert any webpage and text into PDF Format. 'Some PDF' converter let you do opposite converting PDF File into properly formatted HTML

5 Alternatives to ever so slow Adobe PDF Reader

PDF is a powerful file format that can hold lot of text and images in compact form. It is widely used for document transaction on professional level. Adobe PDF Reader is most used for accessing PDF files. However, at times Adobe PDF Reader can be real slow and tacky. Besides large

Tip: How to Search PDF Files using Google Search?

Google Search is used by most of us to dig out information we need. However searching PDF files using Google Search can be a time consuming process - First one has to click on weblink on the Google Search page. After you land up on external website via that click, you need to spend more