Create PDF from MS Word or any Windows Application


We have already seen online alternatives like PdfonFly to convert any text or URL content into PDF format on the fly for free. In case you are looking for an offline alternative, then checkout doPDF.

It is a free application that allows you to save any document into PDF format. Besides being free, it is very easy to use and effective in creating PDF files. Here is simple procedure to use do PDF.

  • Open any document in MS Word or any Windows application.
  • Goto ‘File’ and then click on ‘print’ option.
  • Then select ‘dopdf’ from drop down box on print window.
  • Click OK, select location to save the file & its all done.

Watch this video for better understanding of the above procedure. Resultant PDF files can be large in size, however you can ZIP them to minimize its size. Some file may lose formatting here and there.

Overall it produce neat results and allows you to convert just about anything into PDF format for free. Download doPDF and ease out with PDF conversion blues!


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