Tip: How to Search PDF Files using Google Search?


Google Search is used by most of us to dig out information we need. However searching PDF files using Google Search can be a time consuming process – First one has to click on weblink on the Google Search page.

After you land up on external website via that click, you need to spend more time to search for PDF file download link.

To make life easy and search quickly you can configure Google search options to find PDF files on the fly. Check the screenshot below and here goes the simple procedure:

  • Open Google Search and click on Advanced Search.
  • Select “Only” in file format drop down box.
  • Then select “Adobe Acrobat PDF” in format drop down box.
  • Then type the Search keyword in find results box.
  • Hit the Search button & you will see PDF files ready for download.

In case you want to exclude PDF files from Google Search results then configure advanced search settings as – Select ‘don’t’ in file format drop down box and select Abode Acrobat PDF in format drop down box. Simple, easy and quick, what say?

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  1. Dhirendra says

    Just type …….fileformat:pdf

  2. An even better and faster way to search for pdf and many other types of files in Google is to do the following:

    1) Type the word that you want to search.
    2) Followed by the filetype: operator and the type of file you want to search.

    So if I want to search Obama, I type the following in the search box,
    Obama filetype:pdf

  3. There are many other desktop search that search PDF in a blink of an eye. Try Copernic Desktop Search.

  4. That is it I had enough of windows vista and adobe downloads not compatable.

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