Convert PDF & images to DjVu format online

Do you have large PDF or scanned image file? You can easily reduce its size and still maintain clarity of document / image using DjVu format. We have already discussed about DjVu file compression format. You can convert PDF or scanned image into DjVu file format and save huge on the final

Open PDF documents password protected by SecureDisc

For starters, SecurDisc is duplication protection feature for PDF files so that they can be only read and not copied, edited or sent electronically. Files protected using SecurDisc can only be distributed using an original DVD which is read by the recipient with the help of a SecurDisc

Free portable PDF file viewer: Foxit Reader

Majority of computer users only view or read PDF files. If you are one of them, then checkout lightening fast and free portable version of Foxit Reader. Being portable it does not require install, just extract 4.1MB downloaded file into specific folder and double click

Prevent & disable PDF file opening in web browser

Trying to open PDF files can often freeze web browser (and computer) at times. We have already seen workaround to prevent web browser crash while trying to open PDF files. We can also prevent such issue by disabling opening of PDF files in web browser and make them open in software program

Convert JPG to PDF, free converter software

Do you want to create a PDF file containing images? Zilla JPG to PDF is a simple converter for JPG to PDF conversion. You can add multiple images and sort them to create customized PDF file containing those images. It also allows you to specific basic information for PDF file being created

Convert scanned paper JPG image into PDF format

Do you have hard copy paper document that should be digitized into JPEG image or PDF format? STP (Scan to PDF) is a small utility that makes this conversion real easy. Besides this utility you will need scanner for actual conversion of documents into digital format. To get started, click

Convert XPS to PDF file: free converter process

XPS stands for XML Paper Specification technology from Microsoft. We have already seen how to create and edit XPS files in Microsoft Office 2007. There are number of ways to convert XPS files to PDF format. Majority of them asks you to buy converter software for conversion. Following

Convert website to PDF online

Want to save any website or webpage is PDF format quickly? HTML2PDF is cool online tool for easy conversion of any website / webpage into PDF format. This online service converts any webpage or HTML code into PDF output, which can be quickly downloaded without any registration, software

Directly ‘Quick View’ PDF files in Google search results

Google has added handy feature for quick and easy preview of PDF files listed in Google search result pages. It has extended and implemented the Google Docs Viewer functionality for PDF file listing on search pages. Every PDF files listing will have "Quick View" link in the end (see

Google Docs Viewer to show PDF, Powerpoint files on webpages

Google has finally made Google Docs Viewer feature official at We could use this feature previously by manual code generation and manipulation. Now we can generate code to embed PDF, Powerpoint shows automatically using web based interface available at Google

Embed PDF & PowerPoint presentation files on blog, website

Do you want to embed and display a PDF or PowerPoint file? Here is dead simple way to do so without having to install any software, plugin or hack using Google Document Viewer. Just add few lines of code containing URL of your PDF or presentation file to embed and display file content is a

Edit & Change PDF document properties information

We have seen number of ways to edit content of PDF files but here is handy utility "PDF Info" to edit and change PDF document properties information. It allows you to modify basic PDF file information without using Acrobat Reader. You can quickly modify author, title, subject, keywords,