Edit & Change PDF document properties information


We have seen number of ways to edit content of PDF files but here is handy utility “PDF Info” to edit and change PDF document properties information. It allows you to modify basic PDF file information without using Acrobat Reader. You can quickly modify author, title, subject, keywords, creator, producer and version information of any PDF file / document.


Features of PDF Info utility

1. Edit & Change PDF file properties information.
2. Modify author, title, subject, keywords, creator, producer.
3. Change the PDF version of your PDF document / file.
4. Select page layout and page mode of PDF file.
5. It is simple, free and has easy to use interface.

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Download PDF Info utility to quickly change basic information / properties of any PDF file document on the computer. Very handy for small changes without having to install heavy software like Acrobat Reader.



  1. Shubham Kumar says

    It really works :-)

  2. Exactly.It doesn’t change anything.This is a useless piece of software…

  3. you sure the files aren’t locked, eg pw protected or read only

  4. this sftwre is useless… it just says its updated but changes nothing :-(

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