How to access favorite Messenger on Office computer?


Companies does not want their employees to get chatty on messengers and waste their productive office time. Typically you cannot install messenger applications on Office computer with IT guys playing boss.

But hey, there are number of ways to stay connected with messenger friends on Office computers without actually installing messenger applications on your computer. Here goes:

1. Use Web based Messenger options – There are number of all in one web messengers that can connect you without installing anything. Meebo works the best and more listed in 5 best All in One Web Messengers that you can try. Besides there are official web based versions of respective Messengers:

2. Use Portable Messenger application – Run your Messenger application from portable storage device like USB drive and stay connected. You can download and use portable version of messenger from Portable Apps.

You can become IM power user and stay connected to different messenger services simultaneously using multi protocol applications like Pidgin and Miranda IM.

Above were two ways to stay connected with Messenger friends on office computer. Please use discretion while using them – you should be working and not chatting on messenger during office time. Now I am talking like an IT Department guy!



  1. By the way, the most effective and secure instant messaging system for business and office use is Bopup IM at

    It does not provide connectivity to public IM but offers features to organize a private and real-time communication / chat system over corporate networks.

  2. You can use following

    All messenger are included in this website even those you have never used :)


  3. Gina Pat says

    Another instant messaging solution BigAnt Business Messenger is worth to give a try. It combines instant messaging, group chat, live chat, broadcast into one solution.

  4. Davinder says

    Different Offices have different IT filters. Some options work at some places some don’t… its life :)

  5. Reality check: IT guys block access to all of the above websites.

    You might want to try eBuddy( – again most likely to be blocked or KoolIM (

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