Try NEW Google Search: next generation, faster & different!

Bing search popped up with all the glitz and left Google little worried. Well, Google is busy upgrading its own search index and launched public preview of its NEW next generation search. This new search claims to be better and much better than existing Google search. Now this is exciting

Search & download bollywood music ringtones at Guruji

For starters, Guruji is "India specific content" search engine. Besides searching for localized content, it has been rolling out music search features. Previously, it launched orkut and Facebook music apps to listen music online. Now, it has launched music ringtone search and download

Search Twitter & Bing together for latest: BingTweets

Bing has loads of interesting features besides the usual web search feature. While Bing is still finding its feet, Twitter is all over the web with tons of real time information. BingTweets website combines the power of instant information from Twitter with usual web based search results

Google Search cool Tips & tricks on one page

Bing is hogging the limelight for being "the cool search engine". Well, Google isn't far behind - it got all the features and resources (minus looks). Ideally we just type a keyword, hit the search button and let Google show up relevant search results. Besides searching for usual stuff,

How to open Bing search without background image?

Bing search homepage comes loaded with decorative and fresh background image which can be downloaded for personal graphics collection. However, slow internet connection users may not like Bing loading with heavy background image - slowing down the whole Bing experience! Here is

Google, Bing & Wolfram – search & compare together

We have already seen knowledge based search Wolfram helping out in mathematics problems and creating cool ringtones. We have even seen 3 web tools to search and compare Google and Bing results simultaneously. Here comes triple play to search and compare results from Google, Bing and

3 tools to compare Bing vs Google search results

Bing made debut with bang and has impressed many users. People are game for Bing because of its slick interface and search results (to some extent). Google loyalists are keeping close eye on Bing to see results it shows up for different keywords. If you want to perform current hottest

10 Bing Search tips & features for better searching

Microsoft has managed to create lot of hype for its newest attempt to capture search market with Bing Decision Search. It went Live a while back, if you are still planning to explore Bing, read on for quick, easy and more productive Bing Search drive. 1. Summary text - Don't be in hurry

Bing Search is now LIVE

Bing Search is now LIVE on the web, it replaces Microsoft's LIVE search. It has blue logo on the background image feature fierce snow leopard (is that a warning for Google?). Still early days, tryout few favorite keyword searches on Bing and see how it goes. One feature that should

Bing Decision Search Engine – Screenshots & Video

Soon after Favicon of Bing search was leaked, Microsoft has unveiled its all new 'Decision Engine' Bing. It looks jazzy and classic just like search. Coming to features, it has auto suggestions feature like Google. It gives you related search query suggestions on the left

Microsoft Bing Search – logo (fav)icon leaked

Microsoft is trying hard for its Google killer to capture online search market like never before. It has failed (sort of) with and now trying to add different services around Live brand. Microsoft's search engine aspirations has come forward in the form of or

Search Google & Twitter at the same time – Twootles

Twitter recently launched real time search for all Twitter users. It helps you search information on hot keywords in real time. There is buzz of it being Google search killer. Both Twitter and Google search produce lot of unique results, when it comes to quality and use-ability of search