Google Search in Gmail for quick web searching

Gmail Labs is busy churning out new features: after 100s of new emoticons feature, now we have Google search within Gmail inbox for quick web searching. To get started, click on settings link at top part of Gmail inbox and then click on Labs tab. Scroll down and look for 'Google Search',

Check weather forecast with Google search

Google search can be used for lot of things besides searching for web resources related to specific keywords. We can use Google search for PDF ebooks, music - videos, public phone numbers and lots more. You can also use Google search for checking latest weather forecast of your

Check & track flight status using Live Search

Ianm has discovered a cool feature of tracking flight status using Live search. Just enter the flight number and hit the search button to see LIVE flight status. For example for British Airways flight number ba 10, enter flight status b10 in the search box. It will show to - from location

Search Doc, PDF, PPT, XLS & ebooks with DocJax

Are you looking for an easy way to search for specific documents and PDF ebooks? Well, tryout DocJax - a search web service for required documents all over the internet. Just enter a specific keyword and hit the search button. Results are neatly displayed indicated by document type icon

Google Search in reverse, try figure out !

We are so use to using Google search now and then for stuff we need. If you are too much bored of using Google like it is - checkout Google Search in backward direction. Everything is in backwards from logo to submit buttons. Also, you need to type search term in backward to get

Top Yahoo Searches 2008 – Britney Tops it again

2008 is about to end and yearly review reports have started to spill out. Yahoo has released top searches for 2008 list and there is no surprise at the numero uno position. For the 4th time running, Britney Spears has top

Looking for Lovely Name for your lovely Baby ?

Deciding on the name of your lovely baby isn't an easy task. With so many possibilities and lot of people advising - things can be become chaotic at times. We have already seen Nymbler to search for cool baby name and here is 'WhataLovelyName' with better interface.

‘Let Me Google That for you’ – for simply Google DUMB

Using internet (and Google) is not cup and coffee for everyone. There are folks around, who may not know about Google and how to use it? 'Let Me Google That for you' is a cool way of helping people wanting to Google some stuff but don't know the procedure.

Google Special Search for Apple, Microsoft, Linux

Google Search is simple and straight forward - just open the homepage, type the query and get results on the fly. There are advanced options to refine search further. To help you dig out results specific to certain

See Latest Cricket Scores @ LIVE, just type ‘Cricket’ !

Cricket has loads of followers around the world, specially in Indian sub-continent. Google already has a feature to display latest Cricket scores and related information on Google New Homepage. Now, here is simpler and equally quick way to stay updated with cricket ramblings using

Google Insights to See What World is Searching for

Google Insight is a search giving you insight on what world (netizens) are searching on the internet. You can enter any keyword and see its trend over a period of time. It allows you to compare different search terms

Use Google Search to Save energy, Believe it !

Microsoft has 148,357 servers & 15 Datacenters that gobble up loads of energy. Well, Google has a different eco-friendly story to tell regarding energy consumption of their datacenters and servers. "... the energy used per Google search is minimal. In the time it takes to do a