Looking for Lovely Name for your lovely Baby ?


Deciding on the name of your lovely baby isn’t an easy task. With so many possibilities and lot of people advising – things can be become chaotic at times.

We have already seen Nymbler to search for cool baby name and here is ‘WhataLovelyName’ with better interface. It gives lot of name options to see and chose from. To get started, select the gender of your baby and then decide on keyword for related baby names.

There are number of keywords listed on the homepage like: beautiful, brave, athletic, creative, clam, fun, leader, gentle, outgoing, quirky and lots more. Click on any keyword and see huge list of related baby names.

Browse and select lovely name for you lovely baby. If you do happen to select baby name via this method – please do leave a lovely comment for us to know. Make the process of selecting baby name all lovely with WhataLovelyName.

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