Olympics Medal Count, Quick Info via Yahoo Shortcuts

Everyone is gearing up to provide information you need regarding Olympics. While Google is all ready to provide you event specific date and timing information, Yahoo is all set to provide Olympics Medal Count on the fly. Open Yahoo and search for 'Olympics medal

Stay Updated with Olympics Schedule with Google

Olympics is around the corner and lot of web surfers are searching for Olympics related information on the internet. Well, Google is here to help you. To get latest information regarding various

Ex-Googlers CUIL search, If looks could Kill…

Everyone wants to topple or be next Google. Well, this is not an easy task. After a while we get to see a new search engine claiming to be better than Google. After Powerset and Mahalo went in thin air with all the initial buzz, here comes CUIL (Pronounced as “Cool”). Bunch of

Google Search in 2 Languages at one go with 2lingual

Google Search can be used to search in number of different languages. On the Google Search page click on 'preferences' and select the language for the search among number of options. However, this only allows you to perform Google Search in one language at any given time. How about

Search Flickr Photos with your favorite colors

There are number of ways to search Flickr photos with relative ease. Here is another one with a colorful twist 'Multicolr Search Lab'. It allows you to search photos with your favorite colors. From web based color palette, select 10 colors

NASA has 35 meanings, dig more with Acronym Finder

For starters, an acronym is an abbreviation composed of the initial letters which is pronounced as a single word. For example FBI is an abbreviation, while NASA is an acronym. Both represent short notation, but pronunciation type differentiate an acronym and abbreviation. After all that

Do you prefer Visual Search Over tradition text search?

For years we have been using search engines like Google, msn to dig out the required stuff from internet. We have become accustomed to seeing search results in text form spread over number of pages. So, keep clicking and hopping to next page to view more results. Another form of search

10 tools to Search Rapidshare Files with Ease

Rapidshare is one of the popular Free file hosting service. It has ton loads of music, video and movie files. Rapidshare itself does not have refined search options to avoid free access of files hosted for personal use and to prevent getting into copyright muddle. Using Google

Tip: How to Search PDF Files using Google Search?

Google Search is used by most of us to dig out information we need. However searching PDF files using Google Search can be a time consuming process - First one has to click on weblink on the Google Search page. After you land up on external website via that click, you need to spend more