Ex-Googlers CUIL search, If looks could Kill…


Everyone wants to topple or be next Google. Well, this is not an easy task. After a while we get to see a new search engine claiming to be better than Google.

After Powerset and Mahalo went in thin air with all the initial buzz, here comes CUIL (Pronounced as “Cool”).

Bunch of ex-Googlers are attempting this Cool (Cuil) effort to offer a search engine that will beat Google in all ends. First impression of Cuil in nice but…

If looks could Kill… Cuil would definitely kill Google. Yeah, this search engine looks good with number of links sprayed on top and bottom bar. But what about search? Remember Cuil is suppose to be a search engine. Well, Cuil fails hands down in that department and future does not look Cool (Cuil).

Search results are displayed in 3 column format with some results showing images. Cuil boasts tons of indexed links but a usual web surfer won’t go beyond 2-3 pages while searching. Cuil fails in result relevancy atleast on initial pages.

Looks like they spent loads of money polishing this beauty that has little brain. Just search for any keyword like ‘tothepc’ on Google and Cuil. See the results and you may want to say something worse than said above!

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