Didn’t find with Google? Try Twing Forum Search


Google Search is one stop alternative to dig out the stuff we need. No doubt Google is best for searching general, mainstream narrow topical search.

In case you want to dig deeper into places where discussions about topic you are searching for happens – Twing forum search is an option worth trying. It is a search service dedicated to the world of online communities and forums.

It tracks impressive number of forums from different topics. It provides three type of search options as – Posts, topics and forums. You can register a free account to access special features, such as setting up special alerts to notify you when information is posted that relates to your interests.

Generally forum information is not considered reliable – it being users generated. However, in some cases forums can provide you information that is not available on mainstream website or blog and worth solving your issue.

When nothing seems to  work with usual search engine, you can for sure try Twing to search related information on forums. Checkout Twing

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  1. @JJ Thnx for the heads up. Twing for sure is new.

  2. Dont know if you are kidding – heard of Omgili.com? Is this new to you?
    They invented discussions search… pffff

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