Relish Your Old Flickr Photos with Flickr Time Capsule


Photojojo’s Flickr Photo Time Capsule is strictly for more than one year old Flickr users. With this free service you will receive an email once a week containing your Flickr photos one year back.

In case you have years of memories stored in the form of Flickr photos, then ‘Flickr Time Capsule’ is an excellent way to refresh and relish your old memories. It involves a simple 2 step procedure:

  • Setup the Time Capsule with your email & Flickr account.
  • Once a week, enjoy an email with your photos from a year ago.

The Photo Time Capsule digs up your photos on Flickr from a year ago, choosing the ones that are most interesting (most views, comments, and faves) and  then sends them to you a quick email.

Details:  Photojojo’s PhotoTimeCapsuleSample

Ready for Blast from Past with Flickr Time Capsule? It brings in shear nostalgia with candid shots taken year ago. Simple, nice and refreshing! [via Flickr Blog]


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