Know More about the World in Real Time Numbers


Few Questions…

  • What is the current population of the world?
  • How many computers were sold this year?
  • How many dollars were spent on dieting in the USA this year?

Lot of questions and you will have to spend lot of time in digging out answers. All the above questions has answer in the number form. By the time you find the answer, it will be outdated as number change every second.

One simple solution to know answers to above questions is ‘Worldometers’. It provides real time world statistics in a thought-provoking and time relevant format. All the answers are derived from World reputable organizations. They use  algorithms for separate questions or topics to show respective current number. Currently World population is at 6,648,547,268.

You can view statistics related to number of subjects on homepage itself. Statistics are shown for: World population, Government & Economics, Education & Media, Environment, Food, Water etc. More interesting statistics is shown as ‘Statistics of the month’ for example: Price of a bottle of beer in Zimbabwe (Z$) is 3,409,972

You can receive latest statistics in your email. Just enter you email address and its all done. Website has very clean interface and useful reference source as statistics are validated from number of sources.

WorldMeters: WebsiteAbout - FAQs 

In case you want to get more interactive with statistics, then check out BigNumbr. It is a Digg like website where users submit interesting statistics. With users involved, credibility of statistics in not known.

By the time this post ends, world population has jumped from 6,648,547,268 to 6,648,549,726 Interesting, what say?


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