Pill shaped little 4GB USB Flash Drive


Want to have good enough storage for your music and files… well Take a Chill Pill. Here comes a Pill Shape 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive. It looks cool and really is very small about 2 inches long (I think !).

But why would you buy this one against a usual USB drive? You can easily hide it from others when you really want to. When you want to show flaunt it, anyway it looks too cool.
Caution: do not swallow this is only meant to cure data storage blues and not your health blues..HAHAHA

Features include: 4GB storage space, self powered, portable (really), compatible will almost all OS. Also, it only costs $70, check more details on this link: Vavolo USB drive [vavolo.com/productdetails.asp,ProductID,3765,,,.htm]




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