Insert SIM card in Samsung Galaxy Tab


You can make and receive calls on Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. You need to subscribe to mobile / cellular service and get SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card for the same. SIM card holds your subscription details, such as your personal identification number (PIN) and optional services. Further, to use UMTS or HSDPA services you can purchase a Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) card. You can easily insert SIM card in Galaxy Tab to get going with making calls.

Inserting SIM card in Galaxy Tab

1. Open the cover of the SIM card slot on the right side of the device.

2. Then insert the SIM or USIM card.

3. Now place SIM or USIM card into the device with the gold-coloured contacts facing down.

4. Then close the cover of the SIM card slot.

Please note, do not insert memory card in this (SIM) card slot. There is separate slot of install optional memory card in Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet.



  1. Pls how do I insert a sim in my Samsung tab 10.1? I can’t find the sim slot.

  2. mallikarjuna reddy says

    i want to buy one tablet, but i have gone through the comment, little bit confession, so kindly advice me to purchase a tablet.

  3. My Samsung tablet wasnt reading the sim card. I done wat Disqa said i.e. turn flight mode on and off under settings. It worked. thanx a million

  4. I’ve tried inserting many sim cards on my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 but it still doesnt seem to work..eventhough i inserted it correctly . :( It keeps on saying:
    “Insert A SIM Card”…plz help!!

  5. Hi,
    I am trying to install SIM card in Samsaung Glaxy tab 7.
    However,it is saying that there’s no service eventhough I inserted correctly.
    If someone knows or experienced before, help me.
    thanks in advance.

    • Well, have you tried to turn on the flight mode then turn it off again?
      I’ve just bought samsung 7.0 plus about couple days ago,
      I had the same problem like yours, then i did it, and it worked for mine.
      Hope it would work to ur tab too.. :-)

  6. can i use a uk card with my galaxy tab in the summer?

  7. bishwajeet says

    do i need to cut SIM card before inserting in SIM card slot… plz help me…

  8. is there any action that i can make to ensure that i still can use my samsung tab even though it doesn’t has any sim card holder. yes i still can use wifi for searching but i want use my samsung tab for calling also… please help me!~

  9. so is there any action that i can make if i want to use simcard even my samsung tab doesn’t have sim card holder?

  10. Julian Arroyo says

    hi ma, i have a problem. my samsumg galaxy tab does not have simcard slot, i have buyed it in SPRINT USA, but i am from colombia and in my country we use simcard allways. it is supose to be unlock ( they say it when i buy it) but i do not know how to find a 3g service here. thanks

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