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  • 60 is the number of hot dogs eaten by an American in 2002.
  • $50,000,000,000 is Bill Gates’ estimated fortune in 2006
  • 65,000 videos uploaded on YouTube per day on June 2006.

Reading above must have done some good to your knowledge base. Here comes an interesting concept of learning about new things and facts using numbers. If you know any interesting fact corresponding to any number then make your presence felt at BigNumbr.

After going through some facts on that website, I am sure one would realize the importance of numbers in our life. Numbers, facts and figures are there and everywhere on the interweb. Most of the so- called digital culture and knowledge is hidden in large documents, beautiful PDF reports and Excel files.

BigNumbr aims to cut the clutter and develop placewhere information based on number is shared. BigNumbr website has ‘digg like’ look, as bigNumbr adds…

This place looks very similar to those so-called “web 2.0” information ranking sites that we all enjoy reading (diggers welcome!!!) but it will focus exclusively on figures, dimensions, prices, percentages and others pieces of concentrated numeric information.

You need to register to able to submit your ‘numbery facts’. Registration is not required to browse through the content. You can select topic of your choice from tag cloud and start learning new facts in number. Here are some interesting‘numbery facts’ about youtube:

  • 100 million videos watched per day on YouTube.
  • $1.5 billion is the estimated value of YouTube.
  • 200 terabytes of data streamed per day by YouTube (April 2006).

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You can learn lots of new things about different things happening around in numbers. Since this is a user driven website, content and numbery things will anyway increase. [Img via Flickr]


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