John Chow VS Shoemoney, battle it out with RSS !


Two famous blogger are at war (in lighter context…in a contest!) to get maximum Email Subscribers. Contenders are John Chow and Shoemoney.

Website with maximum email subscribers addition in the month of October WINS. What is the prize? Not just winner will get the prize even all you guys who subscribe to their RSS feed stands to win few goodies.

What is in it for JohnChow and Shoemoney… the loser will have to have a link to the winners website with “Find out why shoemoney/JohnChow is a better marketer then me”.

What is in it for YOU… well, not sure what Shoemoney is doing to tackle this challenge, but JohnChow has surely announced list of goodies on offer.

As John Chow describes ‘evil marketing scheme to ensure I win’ prizes on offer include: a 2GB iPod nano (value $149), John Chow dot Com Review (value $400), a complete WordPress blog redesign valued at $750 by Adriann Pienaar and lots more.

Who is the REAL winner… I think both will be winner here. With this contest both blogs will get good publicity and exposure (can’t get enough of it!). Also, their RSS email subscriber count is bound to jump big time. This increase will certainly contribute to more page views and hits to respective sites.

Any Misses? Yes, they will have more subscribers, more visitors to the site. But, what about the quality of traffic that they will get with such kind of promotion? I have doubts on this, as people visiting the sites will be more interested to be part of winner’s list.

On Lighter Side… John Chow has been ever so witty in getting his message across for promotion of this RSS email Subscription Challenge. Here goes…

Help John Chow beat Shoemoney in their RSS competition. John is offering some great prizes for people signing up to his full feed RSS. Shoe is offering nothing so go John!

Let’s all Chow on the Shoe! Subscribe to my full feed RSS and you could win some great prizes!

Want to be Subscribers list… if above has really tickled you to be part of competition, here are link to subscribe to JohnChow RSS and Shoemoney RSS. In case you are an exisitng subscriber (like me!), then you can surely join my susbcriber LIST here.

One Excellent Info… I am not offering any prizes to subscribe to my RSS, please bear with me ;)


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