License Photos on Impression terms with GumGum


With internet booming more and more services are coming up to help publisher acquire photos at reasonable price. Besides, also provide a good monetization alternative for photographers.

Recently Corbis Stock  came up with PicApp service that allows you to publish copyright photos free on your website. Each photo has an attached advertisement.

GumGum service offer an alternative to buy and sell photos on the basis of number of impressions. Photographers can set selling CPM price, which at the moment is between 15 – 25 cents. You can select any photo and pay the price associated and serve image impression accordingly.

Photo embedded as Flash objects – Since this service is based on number of impressions, you can only use photos as embeddable flash objects to facilitate counting of impressions.

The concept is for sure different but with number of attractive offerings from other stock photo sites going may not be easy. Also, extra efforts to embed a photos rather than use it in traditional manner could be a turn OFF.

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Also, did we forget flickr? Flickr has huge collection of images that can be used for free or licensed under Creative commons. Success of the service also depends on the photos collection on offer.

A different service aimed at helping photographer monetize photos more effectively, game for it?



  1. Great post. One thing though, we don’t set the price of licenses, photographers do. A Photographer can choose the CPM (cost per mille) of each of his photo and we don’t have any limitations whatsoever. One sets a CPM depending on what he/she thinks it’s worth.

    -Matt (GumGum CTO)

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