Be Cool, show your Email ID as an Image


Want to give your email ID to some one? Are you going to type it like many us have been doing for years? If yes is the answer, then please keep reading for a refreshing surprise.

Now, you can jazz up your email address in the form of an image and that also without much of an effort & pain. Check out the result for email address:

Here is the very simple procedure to create an image for your very own email address. Here goes..

  1. You need to know the email address, I am sure you know that. Let us move to the next step.
  2. Open this weblink for the Email Icon Generator.
  3. Now enter you Email address and select email hosts like yahoo, gmail.
  4. Then click on generate.
  5. You can either copy the URL (in red) to show the image or you can save the image on your computer.

So, what is whole use using an email, instead of more simpler textual form. Yeah it looks cool, but this is very good to protect your Email address.

Usually when email address is written in text form, it is captured by bots and spams. This results in huge amount of spam emails dumped into your inbox.

In case you want to get in touch with me, my email address it: Well, check the image ;)



  1. fit hy.

  2. stupidity

  3. you people are very smart. when ppl give their ID to generate the pics… their emails will full of ads & junks… THIS IS WHAT THEY SAY MARKETING STRATEGY

  4. har har har! says


  5. thanks for letting us know, i was searching for this since a long time :D

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