NASA has 35 meanings, dig more with Acronym Finder


For starters, an acronym is an abbreviation composed of the initial letters which is pronounced as a single word. For example FBI is an abbreviation, while NASA is an acronym. Both represent short notation, but pronunciation type differentiate an acronym and abbreviation.

After all that basic gyan, coming back to acronym NASA – do you know it has over 35 different meanings? While most of us know NASA as “National Aeronautics and Space Administration”. Here are few little know meanings of word NASA:

  • North America South America
  • National Auto Sport Association
  • North American Saxophone Alliance
  • National Association of Students of Architecture

There is huge list with different meaning of word NASA at Acronym Finder. It is a search-able database abbreviations and acronyms about computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.

It has over 610,000 human-edited definitions for acronyms and abbreviations. You can even suggest an acronym, if you know its meaning and is missing on the website. Head over to Acronym Finder to dig out new meanings.

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