Search WordPress Plugins, the Custom Easy way


Are you searching for a WordPress plugin? Most likely, you will be using Google instead of search at!

Search function on is from primitive ages and generally dish out crappy results. If you are also frustrated and annoyed with search, then check “WordPress Plugin Repository” custom search.

It is a Google custom search engine that only search for plugins located at Plugins Repository at

This is created by Yoast who echo similar frustration with search function. “… the search function for plugins on is a pain, it doesn’t work at all.” Try out WordPress Plugin Search.



  1. There is an even easier more powerful way to search for wordpress plugins now.

    Check out

    This search engine is dedicated to finding wordpress plugins. It covers all the free plugins from the official repository. You can use boolean searching and you can filter by rating and minimum ratings to find the best plugins.

    This is by far the best way to find plugins.

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