Olympics Medal Count, Quick Info via Yahoo Shortcuts


Everyone is gearing up to provide information you need regarding Olympics. While Google is all ready to provide you event specific date and timing information, Yahoo is all set to provide Olympics Medal Count on the fly.

Open Yahoo and search for ‘Olympics medal count’ and you will see medal tally as shown in image above (once the games actually start).

Country Specific – If you want a medal count for a specific country, just add the country’s name to your query (e.g. ‘China medal count’).

Athlete Specific – If you are looking for the latest on a specific athlete, simply add his or her name to the query (e.g. ‘Jingjing Guo Olympics’).

As pointed by YahooBlog, for more Olympics information from Yahoo, just search for ‘Olympics 2008’ or bookmark this. Latest Olympics news, updates, photos and videos – its all there!


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