Do you prefer Visual Search Over tradition text search?


For years we have been using search engines like Google, msn to dig out the required stuff from internet. We have become accustomed to seeing search results in text form spread over number of pages. So, keep clicking and hopping to next page to view more results.

Another form of search – visual search is emerging. Besides the screenshot of website in the search result, there is less hopping to multiple pages for more results. RedZee Search is a visual search that provide search results in the form of website thumbnail images.

Search results are shown in the form of a wheel containing series of images, each represting a specific search result. You can rotate this wheel by mouse for more results. Each time you get over 100 results on one page without cluttering you. Here is how the search results appear:

While visual search like oSkope for Youtube videos, Flickr Photos etc is really good to check out lots of media in least amount of time, visual platform for generic search is yet to catch on. RedZee is surely different but can it hook people to this form of search?

Most likely NO, first we are so absorbed in Google Like searching and don’t mind flipping multiple pages for more results. Also, this form of visual search becomes a slow process with lots of images loading at the same time.

RedZee: Try a Visual Search

Try out Redzee search and then think over your preference of Visual Search to tradition text search. I am still game for good old Google like text search, how about you?



  1. It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunhnise.

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