Whos.Amung.Us Notifier, Live Stats on System tray

Who.amung.us is free widget based web service to track live statistics of any blog or website. Just copy the code to your website or blog template and see live stats on your unique URL. Recently, Who.amung.us went for little makeover allowing you to see all on 'One page'. If you are

Who.amung.us Makeover, Now See all on One page

Who.amung.us is popular widget service among bloggers for live visitor tracking (even we use it - see footer). Website has gone for a makeover both cosmetic and functional. Website has shed its dark colors, new look all white and glassy blue. With less design elements, website seem to

Where do Top Bloggers host their Blogs? Revealed…

Top Blogs are high traffic and need special hosting. whoishostingthis is a web service that tells you web hosting provider by just entering URL of any website. They did a study of hosting providers of top 100 blogs (by Technorati ranking) and here are interesting results. Media Temple

Google get new Favicon, want to restore old favicon?

"...Favicon is a short name for ‘favorite icon’. These are small icons that can be associated with a particular website or a webpage. It is shown next to URL in the address bar of a browser. These are very small icon with sizes like 16—16, 32—32, 48—48, 64—64,

Is that Site Down or Not? Get definite answer with…

All of a sudden your blog or website is not opening. Instead of asking friends to open the website and check - you can get the heads up from 'Down or Not'. As the name suggest, it tells you if a particular site

Check WebURL Popularity & Rankings with URLmetrix

Ranks, indexed pages, backlinks, blog reactions, search links are very important for every blog or website. On the lines of weblink popularity checker 'Social Scan', here is another web service with similar functionality - URLMetrix. Just enter the URL and click on check. URLMetrix will

5 Tools to Monitor website, if it is dead or alive

Everyone needs rest, so do servers on which our websites are hosted. It is very important that your website is accessible and alive from different locations in the world. There are times when site is completely dead as a result of server outage. However, in some cases website may not be