Check website speed & performance in Google Webmaster tool

Google Webmaster tool provide an easy way to track status of your website or blog in Google search engine results. It has now added new experimental and very useful feature to check on the speed of your website or blog. To us this feature, your website or blog must be added to Google

Convert website to PDF online

Want to save any website or webpage is PDF format quickly? HTML2PDF is cool online tool for easy conversion of any website / webpage into PDF format. This online service converts any webpage or HTML code into PDF output, which can be quickly downloaded without any registration, software

Combine & Merge multiple CSS files

CSS file is at the heart of styling any website. Each CSS file is different containing various style elements and classes. CSS Merge is a handy utility that allows you to combine and merge multiple CSS files. After the install, just drag and drop multiple CSS files into the application

Check PageRank, Outlinks & Inlinks of blog / website

Are you looking for easy to use way to check PageRank & related details of your blog or website? Portable tool WebSeoAnalyzer makes this all easy and quick. It neatly show only the relevant information of Pagerank of specific website or blog URLs. You can analyse further to see

Compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code with Digua

Digua is a free utility to compress HTML, Javascript & CSS code. It helps produce compressed code with less size thereby resulting into optimized and faster website. It can automatically compress HTML, Javascript & CSS files contained in a specific folder. It compresses code by

Check valid hyperlinks, anchor tags of website

A single webpage of a blog or website can contain lot of links. Checking each and every link manually is a big task. Small utility "SiteVerify" makes this process all automated, easy and quick. For any specified URL, it checks all the hyperlinks / achor tags on a webpage. It only check

Track & check Google Pagerank of multiple websites from desktop

For starters: Google Pagerank (from 0 to 10) is qualitative estimate of a website content. There are number of online tools to check pagerank of any website. PaRaMeter is a download-able utility that allow checking of Google Pagerank of multiple website URLs from desktop. Here are simple

How to add / submit website or blog to Google News?

Google News showcase latest news from different topics and categories from around the world. If your blog or website is listed in Google News, you can receive loads of traffic. Besides the traffic, your website gets instant popularity and appreciation from readers throughout the

Generate XML sitemap of Tumblr blog & submit to Google

Tumblr(.com) is a cool blogging service. It allows quick blog posting with easy to use tools and interface. If you are not too impressed with indexing of your Tumblr blog, then tryout tumblrMap. This web service automatically generates XML sitemap of your tumblr blog and allows direct

Track & monitor keyword position in Google search

Google is a major source of traffic for majority of blogs and websites. Different keywords rank on different position in Google search and as a result sending varying amount of traffic to your blog or website. Ideally, one can manually perform Google search to check for position of

Track changes in company Terms of Service (TOS) page

Terms of Service TOS page is an important component of any website of a company. Average users tend to ignore TOS page and only refer to it when in some company policy or usage trouble. Usually, TOS service page are long and very boring to read. Tracking any change in contents of a huge

View & edit XML files with Free XML viewer software

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a structured way to share summary content in a compact organized manner. More practical use of XML is in the form of sitemap XML files of a blog or website. You can create sitemap XML file of your website or blog and submit it to search engines. XML file