Modify sitemap to let Google index website images

Sitemap provide an easy way to update search engines with latest content on your website or blog. Now you can use same sitemap to inform Google about images displayed in different articles on your website. For this, you need to modify your existing sitemap file to facilitate easy and

Verify website in Google Webmaster with DNS record

If you have a website or blog, it is always advisable to get it listed in Google Webmasters Tools to track its status in Google Search index. Google Webmasters Tools provide very useful information about your website or blog in relation to its position in Google Search. You can evaluate

Check if blog is included in Google News index

By default majority of blogs, websites are included in Google search index. However, only selectived blogs or websites are included in Google New index. We have already seen procedure to submit blog to Google News. You can easily check and confirm if specific blog or website is included in

Website Hacking & spam alerts in Google Webmaster

"... is my website or blog hacked?" This is first question that comes to mind when website appear radically different to what it should or it together does not show anything. Website hacking, content spam and abuse is getting more rampant in online world. While there is Google Safe

How to transfer file using SSH access [putty]

Secure shell (SSH) allows secured connection to remote computer. Besides performing quick and easy file transfer, it allows robust security. You can use Putty client software for SSH shell access. This program allows quick setup and start of file transfer using SSH access. Use Putty for

Download Putty, free Windows SSH client software

Secure shell (SSH) technology provide secure communication channel on Linux and Unix systems. You can connect to remote systems via SSH using public and private keys. For using SSH medium, you need an SSH client software for making private remote connection. Putty SSH client for secure

Determine IP address of website or blog domain

Every website, domain & computer on internet is associated with specific IP address. Website(s) have unique IP address pointing to specific server connected to the internet. You can use ping command to see associated IP address of any website or blog URL. However, this method can be

Create Robots.txt file: syntax, example, generator tools

Robots.txt is a small text file with set of instructions for search engine spiders and bots. Contents of robots.txt file can help website owners, webmasters block or grant access to different parts of website to bots for the purpose of indexing on search results. Though not mandatory, it

Download LiveJournal blog entries [backup tool]

LiveJournal is a popular web service to create free blogs and journals. If you are an active Live Journal user and want to safe keep your blog offline, then checkout LJColligo. It is a free backup tool for Live Journal blogs. It allows you to download all blog entries and comments from

No RSS feed to subscribe website updates ?

"... my favorite website, blog does not provide RSS feed subscription to track regular updates in my RSS feed reader". Are you facing similar issue? Well, there is easy workaround to get RSS feed updates of any website that do not offer RSS feed. You can use third party online tools to

Check DNS propagation status of website

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. You need to change them in an event of moving website from one hosting company to another. For a new domain / website, you need to assign DNS value as per specific web hosting company. DNS change (propagation) can take some time to take effect throughout

See ‘above the fold’ (without scrolling) browsing area of website

"Above the fold" is a common term used to explain position of elements like image, advertisement etc on websites. It is the visible browsing area of a website that can be seen by users without having to scroll webpage. Google Labs online tool "Browser Size" allows you to see similar