Directly ‘Quick View’ PDF files in Google search results

Google has added handy feature for quick and easy preview of PDF files listed in Google search result pages. It has extended and implemented the Google Docs Viewer functionality for PDF file listing on search pages. Every PDF files listing will have "Quick View" link in the end (see

Compare Google & Google Caffeine search results

Google recently launched NEW Google search (also called Google Caffeine sandbox). It is believed to be improved version of existing Google search. Besides being faster, it produces different results for same keywords as compared to results from existing Google Search. Related - 3

Try NEW Google Search: next generation, faster & different!

Bing search popped up with all the glitz and left Google little worried. Well, Google is busy upgrading its own search index and launched public preview of its NEW next generation search. This new search claims to be better and much better than existing Google search. Now this is exciting

View PDF files on Google Search result pages directly

Google Search now has integrated PDF files viewer. From now on, if any PDF file is listed for your search query you will get "view" link under the title of that search listing. Click on "view" link will load that PDF file listed on search result page in separate PDF File viewer. Hence, you

Track & monitor keyword position in Google search

Google is a major source of traffic for majority of blogs and websites. Different keywords rank on different position in Google search and as a result sending varying amount of traffic to your blog or website. Ideally, one can manually perform Google search to check for position of

Google Search cool Tips & tricks on one page

Bing is hogging the limelight for being "the cool search engine". Well, Google isn't far behind - it got all the features and resources (minus looks). Ideally we just type a keyword, hit the search button and let Google show up relevant search results. Besides searching for usual stuff,

How to disable Google search wiki arrow & cross?

If you are logged into your Google account and searching on Google, you must have noticed bright colored up/down arrows and cross sign next to search results. This is Google search wiki feature that allows you to reorder search result listing for any keyword being searched on

3 tools to compare Bing vs Google search results

Bing made debut with bang and has impressed many users. People are game for Bing because of its slick interface and search results (to some extent). Google loyalists are keeping close eye on Bing to see results it shows up for different keywords. If you want to perform current hottest

Latest Tennis, Cricket, Formula1 Results on Google

Google can be used for lot many things besides good old web search. You can use it to stay updated with latest results from sport you follow. Just type tennis or roland garros and hit the search button to see latest results from Roland Garros. Similarly, you can see latest cricket scores

Embed News, Videos, Docs to blog – Google Web Elements

Google Web Elements makes it real easy for website or blog owners to show various Google services on their website. Just grab quick embed code and paste on your blog to display respective Google Service. It allows you to embed Google Search box complete with optional Adsense publisher

Disable Google redirect to local country Google domain redirects to local Google country specific domain, depending on the country you are located. For example in India redirects to - in China Google.con redirects to - similarly it redirects in other countries. Do you want to disable this

Search Google & Twitter at the same time – Twootles

Twitter recently launched real time search for all Twitter users. It helps you search information on hot keywords in real time. There is buzz of it being Google search killer. Both Twitter and Google search produce lot of unique results, when it comes to quality and use-ability of search