Inline Google Search on any webpage in Chrome

Do you want to Google Search without closing current webpage or opening new webpage? This is possible using inline Google Search feature, that allows you to search using Google without toggling or opening another webpage for search purpose. You can easily implement inline search in Google

Virtual keyboard on Google Search result pages

Searching through non-English Google search result interface just became more easy with virtual keyboard feature. Non-English Google Search pages now show virtual keyboard of corresponding language. You can click buttons on keyboard and enter words in native language in the search box.

Find & compare product price information on Google

Looking for easy way to find price and basic information about a product like mobile phone, LCD etc? Google can help big time providing all the information in least amount of time. With all new Google Product search option under 'shopping' tab within Google Search. Here is quick method to

Display time & date on Google homepage logo

Google search homepage is simple as compared to glitz gloss of Bing. You can tweak homepage to add more funcationality and yet retain the simplicity. How about adding current date and time display on Google homepage while you Google around? You can easily do that within Google

Enable Google Alerts to automate searches

Stressed out searching a particular term in Google search each and everytime you require an information about it? Let Google does this work by keeping you up-to-date with the updates for specific keyword searches that you go through frequently. This can be easily setup using Google Alerts

How to Google Search by location, city, region

Do you want to refine Google Search results to specific place or region? New "Nearby" feature on Google Search allows to search internet by specific location, city, state or region. Using this feature you can get more relevant and useful results. For example: "Yoga Centers" results for

How to Google Search within Gmail inbox

Searching web for information and sending email to friends are major routines for any user on the internet. How about combining both for better productively and quick web working? Now you can Google Search for information within Gmail inbox without having to open new webpage or refresh

How to Google Search latest Twitter tweets

Twitter has lot of activity and following the same can be difficult at times. Google Search can prove real handy in tracking latest activity of any public Twitter account. You can Google search for latest real time tweets, missing tweets in your Twitter client or high ranking tweets of any

Simple Google Search look in Firefox

Do you love simple white minimalist interface as against glossy image laden look? We have already seen cool way to render simple minimalist whilte look to Gmail inbox, now you can do same to Google Search website. Google Minimalist is a plugin that loads website in pure simple

Remove Facebook profile from Google Search

Do you want to block your Facebook account from appearing on Google Search? If your Facebook profile is set to public, anyone can search for and discover it using simple Google Search. Many users have Facebook profile strictly for private networking with friends and family members. In such

Block mature, explicit websites & images on Google Search

By default, Google Search show safe results. However, any user can go to settings page and turn OFF filtering to see explicit results using Google Search. Now you can lock Safe Search feature on Google to prevent toggling between filter and no-filter for search results. With Safe search

Search & listen online music with Google

Google (or Googling) is a norm for searching anything on the internet. Google has now revamped its music search feature for more easy searching and listening of favorite music tracks. Google has launched new onebox for online music related search (should be available to US users