Remove Google+ Plus profile from search engines

Google+ is great way to network with friends online. You can create dedicated Google+ Plus profile complete with your profile photo and personal details. However, due to privacy concerns few users may want to restrict access to information on Google+ Plus profile. By default, all Google+

Center align Google Search results from left align

Google is updating user interface of its online products with new design and look. We have already seen new black bar on Google and all new look for Gmailusers. Another important change seen with new Google Search design interface is alignment of content on result pages of Google Search.

Remove black bar on Google Search

Google is experimenting to launch new interface for Google Search. Major radical change in this makeover include converting light shaded top bar into pitch black colored bar. This can be really annoying and hard on eyes while using Google Search. Google has switched to black bar to align

Find similar photos using Google Search by Image

So you have one photo and want to know everything about it. Ideally, you would share that photo with friends on forums and social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter in hope to get some information from either of your friend. How about using 'Google Search by Image' feature as your

Search Recipes by ingredients & calorie on Google

Eating can be real fun if you get to eat delicious dishes all the time. You can easily get going with routine of making best dishes with the help of Google Recipe Search. This is a specialized Google Search feature that allows you to search and find best food recipes (and there howto

Google Search by Reading level: basic or advanced

Different people use Google Search for content which can be of varrying reading level. For example: a technical engineer would be looking for advanced level content whereas a school teacher would be looking for basic level content meant for children. Now you can view Google Search results

Find SVG vector images with Google Search

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. This type of image format is interactive and dynamic. Now you can easily search for SVG image vector graphic files using Google Image Search. Just set the image search filter to SVG files only and you should able to find SVG files of your choice

Preview website screenshot in Google search results

Now you can see website screenshot images along with website listing on Google Search result pages. This is possible using 'Instant Preview' feature on Google Search. It allows you to view website photo preview of website URLs displayed on Google search results pages. You can visually

Add Google Search to Internet Explorer

If you have installed new version of Internet Explorer or Windows operating system, Bing Search will be default search provider in Internet Explorer. It means, all search queries within IE will show results from Bing search. If you prefer good old Google Search, you can easily add and set

Disable & turn off Google Instant search

Google Instant allows you to view instant search results as you type without having to click 'search' button. It quickly refreshes search results as you type keywords in the search box. Few users may find constantly changing search results without having to click 'search' button annoying

‘Google Instant’ search as you type without clicks

"Welcome to Google Instant", you should see this pop-up window while typing search keywords in Google search box. Google Instant is a new feature addition to Google Search that display search results as you type keywords. Results are displayed automatically without you having to click the

View more results on Google Search pages

By default, Google Search display only 10 search results per page. Do you want to view more than 10 results on Google Search pages? You can easily do this by changing search settings of Google search. You can configure to view more than 10, 20, 30, 50 search results with upto 100 results