Check local Sunrise & Sunset time using Google

Do you want to see sunrise and sunset time for your city or town? You can easily do that using good old Google Search anytime. Besides searching the web, Google Search can be used for lot of other things like weather forecast, cricket updates, calculator, currency converter and lots more.

Latest Fifa World Cup 2010 updates on Google

Fifa World Cup 2010 in South Africa is biggest sporting event in coming weeks. Majority of web users want to stay updated on latest on World cup. With so much happening, Google is offering latest updates in minimalistic manner. You catch upcoming match schedule along with respective

Change default search engine in Safari

Newer Safari browser version provide one more option for searching the web in the form of Bing Search. Now you can choose between Google, Yahoo, Bing search and use either as default search engine in Safari browser. You can toggle and switch between either search provider and use it as

Remove ‘change background image’ feature from Google

Google is experimenting and implementing lot of user interface ideas from Bing search. Previously, it was new left sidebar feature turning Google Search result page from 2 columns to 3 columns. Many users wanted to remove left sidebar and switch to classic Google. Now, Google has launched

Change background wallpaper on Google like Bing

Bing search from Microsoft made all the right buzz for its glitzy and very cool daily background image wallpapers. Now you can do similar (officially) on Google homepage. New feature allows you to add and display background wallpaper image on Google homepage instead of usual all white

Play PacMan game online at Google permanently

Google introduced first interactive doogle celebrating "30th anniversary of PAC-MAN". This doogle featured actual Pac Man game that any user could play online. Do you still want to play that cool Pac Man game which has been replaced with usual Google logo and is now missing from Google

Use encrypted Google search in Chrome & Firefox

Google has introduced "Google SSL search". It is an encrypted and more secure version of Google search. While using Google SSL, a direct connection between user computer and Google is created. Data transferred during Google search cannot be intercepted by any third party. You can easily

Make Google Search secure with SSL encryption

Do you want to search more securely using Google? Google SSL encrypted version allows more secure and private searching between your computer and Google on the internet. It eliminates possibility of leaking data to any third party while search data is transferred between your computer and

View Delicious bookmark count of any webpage on Google

Do you want to see Delicious bookmark counts for a specific weblink? Also view Delicious bookmark counts for webpages listed on Google Search result pages for specific keyword searches. This can be easily implemented in Google Chrome browser using Delicious/Google Chrome

Find websites with images on new Google search

Besides the thumbnail image preview feature, new Google search has also added "Sites with images" feature. It pull Google Image search results in more neater and organized manner. Using this feature, you can preview images from relevant websites for any keyword on new Google search

Webpage thumbnail image preview on new Google Search

Do you want to preview webpage thumbnail screenshot on Google Search result pages? Well, no need to install any additional plugin or implement hack for this functionality. New Google Search interface has "Page Previews" feature by default. It display thumbnail image preview on right side

Remove Options left sidebar on new Google Search

Google is experimenting with new 3 columns search results page interface. Besides the usual search results column at the center and advertisement column on the right side - there is new search options column on the left side. Since this is experimental feature, it is only displayed to