Disable & turn off Google Instant search


Google Instant allows you to view instant search results as you type without having to click ‘search’ button. It quickly refreshes search results as you type keywords in the search box. Few users may find constantly changing search results without having to click ‘search’ button annoying and abnormal. You can disable and turn off Google Instant feature to restore Google search in more normal or traditional form.

Disable ‘Google Instant’ from search preferences

1. Open Google.com and click ‘Search Settings’ link at the top right.

2. On the ‘Global Preferences’ webpage scroll down and look for ‘Google Instant’.

3. Click to highlight ‘Do not use Google Instant’ option. Then click ‘save changes’ button at the bottom.

This will disable Google Instant feature and you can use Google search like you always do without continuous popping and changing of search results.



  1. I tryed your suggestion on how to disable “Instant search”, sadly the option isnt working ,and “INSTANT”RETURNES WITH NEXT SEARCH.
    Maybe when google gets it working Ill use google again.

  2. FreemonSandlewould says

    Are you only getting 10 search results when you google ? Have you tried setting your number of search results on your search preference page a over and over again only to get 10 results?!

    The problem is someone at google massively goofed. They have a new thing called “Google Instant” that if it is clicked on your preference page no matter what you do you will only get 10 results!

    Now mind you they say google instant will save gobs of time. Except I just spent about 2 hours trying to find how to get 100 results per page! And to add insult to injury I did not select this setting. Google must have foisted it on me with no option flagged to me. AWFUL!

    Added Note: When I finally realized that the problem was not my computer and was indeed a problem engineered by google I thought that was the end of it. I could set my preference away from google instant and they would leave me alone.

    This is not the case. I woke up this morning and first query of the day what do I see? Only 10 results! So I open the search preferences page again and there it is! Google instant is selected again!

    Hey Google stop changing my search settings!

    No wonder you Google creeps like Obama. You are social engineers just like him! You should take note of his plummeting approval polls. This is not good for business! Stop fudging with my search settings!

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