Google Search in Gmail for quick web searching

Gmail Labs is busy churning out new features: after 100s of new emoticons feature, now we have Google search within Gmail inbox for quick web searching. To get started, click on settings link at top part of Gmail inbox and then click on Labs tab. Scroll down and look for 'Google Search',

Is my website / blog indexed by google?

While there is manual way to check and Google around if a specific website or blog in indexed by Google or not, here is more simpler way by using - Just type your blog or website URL and hit the GO button. You will get the answer as YES or NO. It also shows the

Check weather forecast with Google search

Google search can be used for lot of things besides searching for web resources related to specific keywords. We can use Google search for PDF ebooks, music - videos, public phone numbers and lots more. You can also use Google search for checking latest weather forecast of your

Find specific color images using Google Image search

Image searching using Google search is as easy as searching for web content. Say you want images of bird - just goto Google Image search, enter keyword bird and hit the enter key to see bird photos. How about searching for bird photos of specific color? Say, I want to search for blue bird

Google search wallpapers & photos of specific size

We have seen number of Google search refinement options (& operators) for specific results. Like searching for only PDF ebooks or using Google Image search to only show face images. Here is another image search refinement option based on size of image. You can specify size of

Google Search in reverse, try figure out !

We are so use to using Google search now and then for stuff we need. If you are too much bored of using Google like it is - checkout Google Search in backward direction. Everything is in backwards from logo to submit buttons. Also, you need to type search term in backward to get

New Google Favicon get full color splash

Google products and services always had simple looks as compared to Microsoft and Yahoo. Google went for a favicon makeover and few users did not like it. Special tricks were sort to revert to old favicon. Google has surprised all with another (very radical) favicon makeover. Google

Find Clipart & Line drawings with Google Image Search

We have already seen ways to use Google search for PDF files, music & video files. Google Image search has added new feature to search for Clipart and line drawing images. Open Google Images search and type any keyword. Then select Clipart or line drawings option from dropdown

Google Special Search for Apple, Microsoft, Linux

Google Search is simple and straight forward - just open the homepage, type the query and get results on the fly. There are advanced options to refine search further. To help you dig out results specific to certain

Use Google Search to Save energy, Believe it !

Microsoft has 148,357 servers & 15 Datacenters that gobble up loads of energy. Well, Google has a different eco-friendly story to tell regarding energy consumption of their datacenters and servers. "... the energy used per Google search is minimal. In the time it takes to do a

Vintage Surf Google Search as it was in January 2001

Google turned 10 years old few days back. It even launched specific website that showcase important Google events of last 10yrs in a timeline. Here is another Google goodie to mark its birthday

How to embed Google Books on a Blog or website?

Now you can easily embed any book available at Google Book Search. This is possible using specific widget code for the same. As on the Book Search site itself, you can search