Google Suggest Feature to Debut on


Google Suggest Feature has been in making for a long time at Google Labs. With suggest feature – as you type in search box, you get related search terms for easy searching in a drop down box.

For example, type technology in the search box and you will see related search terms like technology investor, technology in home etc. Google implemented suggest feature on search box at Youtube long time back.

Besides the related search terms you also get number of search results on right side (in red color). So, after 4 years of testing, Google suggest feature will debut on with full rollout by friday. As pointed by SearchEngineLand, Google’s response for delay in launching this feature is:

“… Quality is very important to us, and since so many people visit the homepage, we wanted to make sure to evaluate and refine our algorithms to provide a good experience using Google Suggest.”

Click here to test drive Google Suggest feature [FAQs]. This will for sure make search experience better at


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