Type quickly with word & phrase sugggestions

Do you want to type quickly with variety of words and phrases? Google Scribe is a text completion service that helps you type quickly. It provide suggestions for correct or popular phrases as you type. Word or phrase completion suggestions are provided on the basis of text already typed in

Search tweets in specific language on Twitter

Twitter has lot of users tweeting messages about almost everything. Besides searching for specific words among tweets, you can also refine results according to specific language. You can use official Twitter search to find tweets with specific words in specific language with ease. Find

Write notes with photos on Facebook

You can do lot more on Facebook besides sending messages and posting photos. You can ask questions to Facebook friends and even write detailed notes for them using Notes application. Note can be written to describe any personal experience, story or incident. It can be neatly formatted with

Find meaning of chat slang words & acronyms

We tend to shorten words while communicating online with friends via email, IM, chat, social networking and more. Such short acronym / abbreviated words are often called as chat slangs (online lingo). Like using w8 for 'wait', brb for 'be right back', abt for 'about' and so on. If you are

Convert IP address to Country location

IP address form backbone of the internet by giving it much needed order and organization. Each connected computer on the internet has unique IP address for easy identification and communication. Do you want to know country or location associated with specific IP address? You can extract

Check DNS settings of domain online

DNS (Domain Name Server) settings of a domain is a very important parameter for successful running of a website. Wrong DNS settings can make website inaccessible. Also, DNS setting change take some to propagate throughout the internet (upto 48hours). You can easily check on DNS server

Compare loading speed of two websites

Do you want to compare loading speed of your website or blog with other website? There are number of online tools for measuring website loading speed and exhaustive analysis of factors causing slow loading speed. For example: online tool GTmetrix analyse website using Yahoo Yslow and

Convert & save text on images, PDFs as Google Docs

Now you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature online at Google Docs. Upload any image or PDF file to extract text from them using OCR option on Google Docs. It allows you to convert and save text on images and PDF files as Google Documents for quick text only content

Create Facebook avatar photo online

Besides uploading and downloading photos from Facebook, a unique avatar photo is a must routine for any Facebook user. With limited image editing skills of majority of users, even such "not so difficult" task can become difficult at times. You can easily upload any image and edit it to fit

Test website in different screen resolutions online

Do you want to view and check webpage in different window size resolutions? Ideally, you would change system screen resolution to preview webpage formatting in new resolution size. You can easily do this online without having to change system resolution settings or installing any plugin

Save Facebook photos online as Zip or PDF file

Facebook is hugely popular social networking website. Besides sending messages and updating status, users upload and share lot of photos among Facebook buddies. Do you want to quickly download specific Facebook photos or albums as easy to manage ZIP or PDF file? Online tool Pick n Zip

Create music loops & patterns at Aviary online editor

Do you want to create a sound bite with custom beats? No need to learn musical instruments, you can play around online and create interesting musical compositions online using Aviary music editor. You can use different types of piano, guitars and drum beats and mix them as per requirement