Add animated Water reflection effect to photos

We have seen number of tools and services to add static reflection effect to images in few simple clicks. "Water Effect" is a cool online tool to add reflection effect to any uploaded image. Output is not boring static image but an animated moving water reflection GIF image - which looks

Create free Resume CV online with neat design

Do you want to create an easy to read yet stylish resume CV? CeeVee is a online service to create smart Circulum Vitae (CV) and resume is few simple clicks. It is a free web based service that allows you to chose and style every aspect of your resume CV. Later you can print or publish CV

Merge & Combine multiple PDF files online

Majority of us occasional bump into PDF files. Ideally, one would require Adobe Acrobat software installed on the computer to work with PDF files. However, if installing additional software on computer is not your cup of tea (like many of us) try online alternatives. is a cool

Put any RSS Feed on your website with Google Wizard

RSS feed is a quick and efficient way to gulp loads of information in least amount of time. We have already seen number of web services that allow you to embed and publish any RSS Feed in HTML form. Here is Google Dynamic Feed Control wizard that allows you to put feeds on any webpage

Type in any language using an Online Keyboard

Can you type in different languages with an English or a specific language keyboard setup? Usually answer is NO, but Gate2Home Virtual keyboard makes it YES. It enables you to write in your language wherever you are in the world, with an online onscreen keyboard emulator. It is very

Its fun: Put your picture on a Magazine Cover

You do not need to be very popular to get features on top notch Magazine covers like Time, Vogue etc. You just need to upload your picture/image and with few clicks of mouse you can be on the cover of famous magazine using web service MagMyPic. Of course it is fake, but you can always

Store & Backup 50GB Data for Free using Adrive

50GB of Free storage and backup space is what this new service Adrive provides. You can upload any kind of data like music, video, photos, documents, and more. It provides ability to access any file via computer with internet connection. With huge space of 50GB for free, it surely a

5 Best All in One Web Based Instant Messengers

Do you like chatting via Instant Messenger? I am sure most of you will answer YES! Some of us use messenger for staying connected for fun, while others do it for serious business. Whatever the reason be, most of us are closely connected to friends via IMs. With so many IM services