Its fun: Put your picture on a Magazine Cover


You do not need to be very popular to get features on top notch Magazine covers like Time, Vogue etc. You just need to upload your picture/image and with few clicks of mouse you can be on the cover of famous magazine using web service MagMyPic.

Of course it is fake, but you can always experiment to see how you will look on a magazine cover. Also, you can save the output for that motivational juice to get on the magazine cover for real in near future. Basic features of the service include:

  • Currently Support 8 different Magazine covers.
  • Very easy to use, upload a pic and select Magazine cover.
  • Supported picture formats: .JPEG, .GIF, or .PNG format.
  • Buy Magazine for real from website at heavy discount.

MagMyPic: Website –  Browse Covers

Time, Vogue, National Geographic, People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Rolling Stones are the magazine covers you can chose from. Besides you can email them to request for magazine cover that is not currently on the website.

You can also browse through cover recently created by others or just check out random covers on the website. Very nice concept to kindle oneself and feel on the top, what say?



  1. Really great site i uploaded my picture and i sent to my boy friend he was shocked when he saw that picture.

  2. check it got tons of features and is very user friendly

  3. do you get your magazine in stores

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  5. i wanna put my picture on magazine

  6. cheak this up…….
    its very nice….
    i mean its wonderful….
    thousonds of photo effectz…….

  7. hey i am bout to be on a magazine cover

  8. Create more novelty magizine covers @ (fake magazine cover generator). BONUS IMAGE TOOLS: add frames, borders, cute templates, comic captions, props/embellishments, wordart, special effects, scrapbooking, photo cards, image editor, etc.

  9. u need a car & driver or a low rider or sports compact or mini truckin’ mag cover

    prefer mini truckin’ or lowered if u were to make one

  10. Cool! You got really interesting content on your blog :D

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