Put photo on Fake Magazine cover: MagOfun

"Put my photo on magazine cover", this may not happen in real life for everyone. But on internet, virtually everything is possible and anyone can be a celebrity posing on the cover of popular magazine. This is possible using free Fake magazine cover online tools. We have already seen:

Fake magazine cover generator & image fun

Your image on cover of popular magazines like Time, wired etc - this is very old trick that never looks stale. We have already seen fake mag cover fun and fun with frames at JPGFun, here is more at WriteOnit. This web service provide cool set of online tools to play with your images. To

Fake magazine cover & frames to images via JPGFun

We have seen number of web tools to add cool amazing effects to photos. This includes: Silly Scenes, YourPhotoMagic and everyone's favorite PhotoFunia. Here is another one to the list for more fun with your images with JPGFun. As the name suggest, you can have lot of fun with your images

Its fun: Put your picture on a Magazine Cover

You do not need to be very popular to get features on top notch Magazine covers like Time, Vogue etc. You just need to upload your picture/image and with few clicks of mouse you can be on the cover of famous magazine using web service MagMyPic. Of course it is fake, but you can always