Fake magazine cover & frames to images via JPGFun


We have seen number of web tools to add cool amazing effects to photos. This includes: Silly Scenes, YourPhotoMagic and everyone’s favorite PhotoFunia. Here is another one to the list for more fun with your images with JPGFun. As the name suggest, you can have lot of fun with your images using this web tool.


Get started by uploading your image, then chose photo effect on the right side of the window. See the effect the in action, then save and share your awesome looking photos. You can create fake magazine covers, add cool frames or render cool photo effects to your personal photos. Head over to JPG Fun for some fun with your images.



  1. Thank you for your websites mice . lela and tom ..

  2. well you should try http://www.magofun.com it has got tons of additional features and wide range of magazine covers to choose from.

  3. I know a similar site, maned http://www.funnywow.com
    There are a lot of beautiful templates. I like it so much.

  4. great site, there’s a similar site which is called http://deefunia.com . There’s lots of choices for you to choose there.. I loves that site very much

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