Type in any language using an Online Keyboard


Can you type in different languages with an English or a specific language keyboard setup? Usually answer is NO, but Gate2Home Virtual keyboard makes it YES. It enables you to write in your language wherever you are in the world, with an online onscreen keyboard emulator.

It is very useful for travelers/tourists visiting places with different languages. These places usually allow you to view sites in your language due to IE language encoding, but don’t allow you to type in your language (because of administrator or system limitations).

Even if you can change the language, you’ll probably find yourself in front of a keyboard with a different language layout, and you will have to guess the position of the keys. This online tool helps in:

  • Typing in your own language.
  • View your language’s keyboard layout on-screen.
  • Type in different languages without messing with Window settings.

Gate2Home Virtual Keyboard: Website – Add keyboard to site/blog

It supports more than 50 languages. No registration or download is required to use this service. You can also embed and link this keyboard service in your blog or website. One cool tool to overcome language barriers without installing or configuring additional software, what say?


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