Download Opera 10 browser with Turbo mode

After you had cool look at glitzy Opera 10 desktop wallpapers, grab the actual thing. Opera 10 web browser is now available for free download and use. As expected, it comes with loads of features and enhancements. Opera 10 comes in 43 languages and works on Windows, Mac and Linux

Download Google Chrome standalone offline installer file

Google Chrome is web browser from Google which is getting better with every release. Like many free software, it comes with online installer which many users just dont like. Online installer downloads small file that initiate actual install of web browser and needs live internet connection

Record & download streaming audio video content in browser

Often we watch a video or listen a beautiful song in web browser and end thinking "... wish I could download and save this video or song on my computer!" Well, this is possible for any video you watch or any song you listen in web browser using "Ask and Record Toolbar". It is a free web

Online operating system within Web browser: Windows4all

We have already seen Ghost virtual online operating system, Windows4all is similar online OS powered by Microsoft Silverlight technology. Within web browser, you can access and get feel of an operating system. It has Windows Vista like feel complete with Orb start button and fully loaded

Clicking PDF file links on webpages crashes web browser!

Just clicked a PDF file link on a webpage opened in web browser. The next moment browser freezes and crashes in attempts to open PDF file link on a webpage. Have you been through this before? Well, you can easily avoid such browser crash by using PDFdownload addon for your web browser like

Backup web browser settings & restore via Favbackup

Web browser setting is a personal thing for any computer user. Incase you are reinstalling the operating system, there is no need to lose on your web browser settings. You can backup any damn setting of your web browser using Favbackup application. After the reinstall, you can restore all

Download portable Firefox 3.5 & carry in USB drive

After slew of beta releases, Firefox 3.5 final version was released few days ago. Besides the usual performance improvement and bug fixes, it comes loaded with lot of features. It introduces support for HTML5 video tags, a first for web browsers. HTML5 allows user to view video and audio

Real time Firefox downloads per second stats & map

Every new version of Firefox clocks record downloads from its loyal existing and ever increasing new Firefox users. Mozilla has setup real time live counter showing Firefox downloads per second from users located in different countries. It displays country-wise maximum, minimum, current

Opera Unite converts computer web browser into server

Opera Unite is a new radical feature from Opera. It converts computer web browser into standalone server allowing you to to host and share files, websites, messages on your computer itself. In more practical terms: if we need to share a file with another user on the internet, we would

Download Safari 4 (Mac, Win) – fastest web browser?

Apple is busy releasing fast, faster, fastest things. So, after iPhone 3GS here comes the new version of fastest web browser 'Safari 4' for Mac and Window computers. Traditionally, its Google Chrome making all the noise for being faster than Internet Explorer and Firefox. Now Google

Surf web faster – Enable Turbo Mode in Opera 10

Opera 10 beta version is available for download with loads of new features. Turbo Mode feature is getting all the attention for speedy web browsing experience. With Turbo Mode turned ON, you can surf websites faster like never before on the same (slow?) internet connection. Opera

Test website online in different browsers at Adobe Labs

Web designers are familiar with problems different web browsers cause to their web design creations. Internet Explorer 6 is most notorious for sending web design for a toss and breaking up the look of a website. Adobe Labs has launched online web service to check for website look in