How to disable / enable Javascript in browser

Java Script is an object-oriented scripting language used to enable programmatic access to objects within both the client application and other applications. These Javascript allow enhanced user interface and dynamic website. There are some sites that  require java-scripts to

Split Internet Explorer into 2 windows [IE addon]

Splitting screen can increase productivity allowing you to view more content in same screen area. We have already seen WinSplit Revolution to split desktop screen into multiple areas. Also, a cool bookmarklet to split browser window into 2 parts. If you are an active Internet Explorer

Zoom In, Out webpages in Firefox & Internet Explorer

Small size of contents on a webpage can be real pain while trying to read. Formatting of original webpage content size cannot be controlled by the user. One easy way to resolve this is by enlarging size of webpage and viewing contents at comfortable size in Internet Explorer or Firefox

Launch Google Chrome with multiple homepage websites

Google Chrome follow many functional features from Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. We have already seen easy way to launch Firefox browser with auto opening of multiple homepages or websites. We can configure similar feature in Google Chrome and make it auto launch multiple websites

Download Google Chrome for Mac & Linux

Finally, Google Chrome web browser is available for Mac and Linux users. Windows version has been around for a while now but Mac, Linux version took some time to launch. Just like Google Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux versions are focused on speed, stability and security. Here is is

5 portable Web Browsers for Windows

Web browser is a basic software program to surf internet websites. Majority of internet surfers use Internet Explorer or Firefox browser to open and browse websites. Besides installed web browsers, you can also use portable web browsers: these do not require install and you can carry them

Surf internet from CD, DVD, USB drive: QtWeb portable browser

Want to take your web browser with you? QtWeb is a portable web browser that you can carry in a USB drive or CD, DVD dics. Just one exe file (5MB), launch it to open web browser and start surfing the internet. Once you launch the browser, it will create 3 folders: downloads, QtWebCache

How to disable plugin addon software install in Firefox

Unlike Internet Explorer and other browsers, Firefox browser can be customized to a great extend by installing plugin addon software. There are number of plugin extensions available for adding different features to Firefox browser. Incase you want to prevent installation of plugins in

Prevent & disable PDF file opening in web browser

Trying to open PDF files can often freeze web browser (and computer) at times. We have already seen workaround to prevent web browser crash while trying to open PDF files. We can also prevent such issue by disabling opening of PDF files in web browser and make them open in software program

Halloween special edition Opera browser

Opera is one cool and best looking web browser. Now you can get into Halloween spirit (celebrated on October 31) using Halloween special Edition Opera browser. Basic Halloween elements like: Scary, bloody, bats, pumpkins form the look of this special edition browser. New Opera users can

Add Open With IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera buttons in Firefox

Many user have multiple web browsers installed on the computer. There are times, we need to test specific webpage / website in specific web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and so on. "Open With" Firefox plugin adds Open With Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera buttons in

Download portable Opera 10 browser

Opera 10 has created lot of buzz recently for its innovative Turbo Mode feature which allows you to surf websites faster on slow internet connection by compressing images. We have already seen lot of Opera glitz from super cool Opera Wallpapers to download of actual Opera 10 web